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Online Learning Options for Every Learner

IU1 Fusion Cyber Solutions allows students to remain your district’s student while participating in school-sponsored and athletic activities.

Partnerships and course offerings to meet the needs of every learner and every district. Courses can be taught by a vendor teacher or your district teacher.

Current Partnerships

Fully integrate online learning into the school culture. The Fusion program provides districts with the tools, knowledge, and guidance to be able to integrate online learning into school districts on many different levels. Our third-party vendors handle the online learning for districts, by providing a comprehensive professional development approach that ensures districts are educating their students with their teachers and curriculum. We want districts to promote an online learning initiative as a product of the district. The district has control to implement the program as the administration sees fit.

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Our Professional Staff

Lisa Steratore, M.Ed

Principal/Supervisor of Online Learning


Matthew Mayton

Technician III


Rian Caldwell

Systems/Network Administrator II


Robert Coles

Technician I


Kathy Marucci

Administrative Assistant II


Michael A. Kowalski

Programmer Analyst