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Fusion Course Catalog Imagine Learning Course Catalog 2023-2024 Spring Credit Recovery Offerings


About Us

Child online learning

Benefits of Choice

Building Capacity in Schools

  • Fully integrate online learning into the school culture.
  • Drastically reduce funding loss to cyber schools.
  • Provide a full online curriculum to students.
  • Improve 4-year graduation rates.
  • Expand curricular offerings to students.
  • Boost technology integration in the classroom.
  • Provide flexible scheduling opportunities to students.
  • Professional development for teacher and administrators.

Fully integrate online learning into the school culture. The Fusion program provides districts with the tools, knowledge, and guidance to be able to integrate online learning into school districts on many different levels. This isn’t a third-party vendor that handles online learning for districts, but rather a comprehensive professional development approach that ensures districts are educating their students with their teachers and curriculum. We want districts to promote an online learning initiative as a product of the district. The district has control to implement the program as the administration sees fit.

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Why Choose

Fusion Cyber Solutions?

Teachers who incorporate the tools and strategies from the Fusion Teacher Training into their classrooms have the flexibility to finish their curriculum several weeks early! Students come to rely on Moodle access as a resource outside of class, extending learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. They do everything from check homework and review lessons for understanding, to access missed class materials and discuss in-depth class topics. These tools and strategies have transformed the way we teach and the way students learn!


Our Professional Staff

Lisa Steratore, M.Ed

Principal/Supervisor of Online Learning


Matthew Mayton

Technician III


Rian Caldwell

Systems/Network Administrator II


Robert Coles

Technician I


Kathy Marucci

Administrative Assistant II


Michael A. Kowalski

Programmer Analyst