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Our third party partners online platforms are of the highest caliber and will successfully carry our districts through the 21st century.

The Online Learning Platform

The Online Learning Platform utilizing our vendors provide local school districts with the ability to build the capacity to fully integrate online learning into their schools.
IU1 has fostered partnerships with vendors that offer state of the art exceptional online learning. The program is not a cyber school; rather, it is an online learning initiative that involves a comprehensive shift in the way we envision our public schools.
As our world and the growing number of students enrolled in cyber schools have indicated, there is an undeniable need for all schools to embrace online learning as a viable option for students. Our goal is for each district to be able to offer online curriculum to enhance their own curriculum offerings.

Meet Our Partners

Vendor Partnerships
Special Ed Offerings
Industry Certification Prep


Fusion offers equipment with all the necessary software and hardware requirements to schools who choose to purchase a technology package. Districts are welcome to utilize in-house equipment, or rely on a student’s personal equipment. However, it is imperative that students have updated computers to ensure the functionality of all Moodle courses.

Below is a list of the minimum technical specifications required: